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  • The best way to learn Physics is to study it step by step, in proper order.
  • The vast subject is first divided into major branches, which we shall refer to as "Chapters" such as Mechanics, Elasticity & Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves, and so on.
  • Each chapter is then divided into various "Topics". Examples: Motion in One and Two Dimensions, Newton's Laws, Rotational Mechanics etc under Mechanics; Elasticity, Fluid Statics, Surface Tension etc under Elasticity & Fluid Mechanics; Thermal Expansion, Calorimetry, Heat Transfer etc under Thermal Physics ... And so on.
  • Each topic is divided into the subtopics, each being taught in one or more video lectures with suitable titles.
  • Again, video lectures under any given topic fall in two categories: "Basic" which cover the theories and simple illustrative examples & "Advanced" that cover more challenging problems from various sources including contemporary competitive examinations.
  • A student, who visits our website with the purpose of accessing the video lectures, should navigate as follows.
    • Click "Course Content".
    • Click "Chapter's Name".
    • Click "Topic's Name".
    • Under two separate categories "Basic" and "Advanced", a list of video lectures with titles appears on the screen. Click "Video's Name" to select it.
    • For your benefit, we have arranged the list of videos in the order we think appropriate, that is the order in which you should learn the subtopics within a topic. Similarly, we believe you should watch basic-level videos first before watching advanced-level videos. However, you are free to choose any video(s) from any location(s) depending on your personal requirement.
    • After you select one particular video lecture, you click on "Add to Cart", and the video appears in "My Cart". This way, you can add more videos to "My Cart" or remove any if you feel so. Once you have finished selection, go to your Cart and complete the purchase as follows:
      • If you are a student from India, click on "Buy It through Paytm".
      • If you are a student from outside India, click on "Buy It through PayPal ".
    • The video(s) that you have purchased will now appear in "My Video Library". These are ready-to-watch video lectures in your possession. You can play and watch them at any time at your convenience.
    • Let us state in clear terms what it means to have purchased a video lecture. Once you start playing the video, you will have access to it for twice its official duration at a stretch. Once this time elapses, the video will be auto-deleted from "My Video Library". This means, you cannot access the video anymore unless you purchase it again.
      • An example will be useful. Suppose Student X goes to their "My Video Library" and picks one particular Video Y of official duration 1.00 hour. They start playing it at 9:00 AM local time. They will have access to the video from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM whether they watch it continually or with pause(s). At 11:00 AM, the video will disappear from "My Video Library", and X can access Y again only by buying it again.
      • An alternative could be allowing the student access to the video for a longer duration, say one week. But considering the pressure of studying various subjects, we encourage the students to watch and assimilate a lecture at a stretch. If there is need to brush up before the exams, they can always re-buy it with the discount coupon! More on that shortly.
    • In, the students should never feel like struggling with a grim subject. Rather, they should master a beautiful subject with a smile. To emphasize this user-friendly approach, we supplement our video lectures with regular features on Blog, Facebook and YouTube. These may range from free snippets of our lectures to Do-It-Yourself hints for solving latest competitive exam papers to tasty anecdotes of contemporary Physics. You are cordially invited to bond better with us ... with Physics!

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