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Physicsacademyonline.in / PhysicsAcademyOnline.com is the brainchild of Srabani, a committed educationist, former Research Associate in WHO Projects and an involved mother of a grown-up engineering student.

While raising her child in Middle East, she was often frustrated by the dearth of reliable physics educators. The boy, who was sincere and focused, required constant assistance at a personal level beyond the school hours.

The need was felt more acutely in higher classes when a student prepares for the gruelling College Entrance Examinations. However, good teachers were scarce, and if any, they could be reached only at great cost and effort.

This real-life problem was the genesis of a thought of a website where students can access from home quality video lectures on varied topics of physics, delivered by a physics educator of unquestionable standard! About one year back, while still searching for the right teacher for her son, Srabani came across Neil.

Neil has an engineering degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. However, he has been passionately pursuing a career in physics teaching for nearly three decades.

He has a book on Newtonian Mechanics under his belt, which has been acclaimed for its pedagogy by world's leading academics and journals. Most importantly, Neil was nurturing a dream similar to that of Srabani. Thus, PhysicsAcademyOnline.com / Physicsacademyonline.in came into being.

At Physicsacademyonline.in / PhysicsAcademyOnline.com, we shall initially focus on developing quality video lectures on varied topics of physics.

Physics, as it is being taught at advanced school level and first-year undergraduate level, can be broken down into several branches such as Mechanics, General Properties of Solids and Fluids, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics.

Each branch consists of several topics, which can be further broken down into numerous subtopics. We shall prepare videos of duration 30 minutes to 120 minutes approx. on each of these subtopics. Keeping in mind the general perception that physics is a difficult subject, the following features will be implemented:

  • Level of the lectures will be the same as advanced school level or first-year undergraduate level in most countries. Knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and basic calculus will be required.
  • The lectures will be formulated & delivered in such a way that any student from any part of the world of any recognized school or college board will benefit from the lectures, and will attain mastery of the subject in time.
  • The lectures will move at moderate pace, giving enough time to the student for assimilation.
  • The lectures will start at the basics, and will deal deeply with the subject to impart conceptual clarity. The lack of clarity is often the reason for fearing physics.
  • The lectures will often make use of numerical problems to illustrate a physical concept, law, formula etc, and to hone problem-solving skill of the student.
  • The lectures will be friendly, and at times funny, without ever being banal. After all, it is our mission to make you enjoy and fall in love with physics.
  • The lectures can be accessed by any student in any part of the world, at any time and as many times as desired, at a reasonable cost.

We are confident of getting your support and appreciation. That will inspire us to add new features to our website, such as question & problem banks, doubt removal sessions etc.

Hearty welcome to Physicsacademyonline.in / PhysicsAcademyOnline.com /PhysicsAcademyOnline.org / PhysicsAcademyOnline.info / PhysicsAcademyOnline.net.


Frequently Asked Questions

While reputed classroom coaching has its benefits, it has some glaring drawbacks. Students living in small towns and remote areas cannot attend it. City students who can attend it lose valuable time, energy and concentration while travelling from home to class and back. In a classroom full of students, you cannot expect special attention from your teacher nor can you clarify your doubts with confidence. Online coaching of high quality not only delivers all the benefits of classroom coaching, but also gets rid of the latter's drawbacks. Students living anywhere – whether a large metropolis or a remote village – can attend world-class online coaching sitting in the comfort of their homes ! You get the undivided attention of your teacher who, if articulate, talks to you alone through the screen. If interactive, he responds to your specific queries and clears doubts in complete privacy. Online coaching can be both engrossing and enjoyable, making use of excellent tools not available to a classroom teacher.

You should choose PhysicsAcademyOnline.com simply because we are among the very best in the country, beyond the country. Our video lectures are based on original study material, reviewed and acclaimed by leading academics of India, Europe and US. The lectures deal with various topics exhaustively, in great depth and detail, often with colour diagrams and illustrative examples. The teacher is extremely articulate and interactive, creating solid rapport with the student across the screen. All lectures are graded and arranged to facilitate quick search, selection and access. Apart from the basics, we discuss a large variety of Physics problems to sharpen your problem-solving skill and to make you battle-ready for the Board and Competitive Exams.

Yes, of course. Our video lectures are based on our own study material which is absolutely original and copyrighted. While preparing the study material, we consulted the syllabuses of all major Boards of India and abroad. This is because we wanted our video lectures to have universal appeal, catering to students of all Boards at +2 level. Whichever Board you may belong to, feel free, choose a topic from your Physics syllabus, search for the relevant video(s), and you will find it. In addition, if you come across a video title which is not in your syllabus, it's your choice whether you will watch it or ignore it.

We are giving you twice the official duration of a video lecture, because you may require to re-watch a part of lecture to fully absorb it. Moreover, you may need to pause in between to attend to small distractions. We are allotting this time at a stretch because, we believe, you should remain totally focused until you finish watching the lecture. That's the way you learn a topic best – not by watching in bits and pieces over one week or so. This is particularly true when a student at +2 level has to study not only Physics, but some other demanding subjects as well. However, if you need to brush up any particular topic before the exams, you can watch the relevant video(s) again using discount coupons.

The strongest point of PhysicsAcademyOnline.com is its scientific pedagogy. Physics is a demanding subject, and we are committed to teaching it step by step so that there is no room for doubts in a student's mind. Of course, our final goal is your success in Board and Competitive Exams. But you cannot achieve that overnight using dubious shortcuts. You should watch basic-level video lectures first, because they explain the Physics theories lucidly with numerous colour diagrams. Simple numerical problems are used to show application of the theories. Once your fundamentals are clear, you should watch advanced-level lectures which discuss solutions of relatively difficult Physics problems. Since you have done your theories well, you don't remain a passive student but quickly learn the techniques of problem-solving.

To make our invitation a bit warmer, we are offering the following incentives at the moment. If you buy five (5) videos at a time, you get on-the-spot 5% discount on the total cost. In addition, you receive one coupon to purchase any one video of your choice at 50% discount. If you buy one or two videos at a time, the moment your total purchase reaches five videos, you receive one coupon to purchase one video of your choice at 50% discount. This way, every subsequent purchase of five videos will earn you one coupon worth the same discount.

How can I buy a large number of video lectures, say one or more complete chapters, at a time?

If you want to purchase a large number of video lectures at a time, say the full course or any number of complete chapters, get in touch with us. We shall offer you an attractive discount.

What people say on the contents of our video lectures

Disclaimer: The comments have been made on the book "Enjoyable Physics", based on which the video lectures in Physicsacademyonline.com are prepared. The author of the said book and the teacher delivering the video lectures are one and the same person.